Save money straight from your wages!

Staff services has arranged a saving scheme that allows you to deposit money straight from your wages into your savings account

Rationale for the scheme

The rationale behind this scheme is that it is a service to members to facilitate regular saving from their Salary, by deduction at source.
Money accumulates in their nominated savings account for use whenever the member chooses. Many lift cash twice yearly for Holidays and Christmas.
The cash saved is transferred into the members account by electronic transfer each month by Staff Services.

Available to members regardless of which bank you normally use!

The process.

This scheme is only available to members.

  1. The scheme works by the member authorising Staff Services to contact Salaries and Wages section and request them to deduct the agreed amount for saving each week/ month from the members salary. .
  2. Salaries and Wages will make the required deduction weekly / monthly from the persons’ NET wages, and remit the amount to Staff Services each month. .
  3. Upon receipt of the monies, Staff Services generates a direct transfer into the members nominated bank account, usually by the 15th day of the month following deduction. .
  4. Amounts saved can be varied at any time by contacting Staff Services. .
  5. Savings can be stopped at any time by contacting Staff Services.

To participate in the scheme the staff member must:

  1. Be a member of Staff Services.
  2. Open up a bank /building Society SAVINGS account only in any UK bank – The scheme does not work on a current account. .
  3. The member should contact Staff Services and provide details of their bank account, their Staff Number, Facility and Block, and indicate the amount they wish to save each week / month. .
  4. Staff Services will forward these details to Salaries & Wages and deduction will commence ASAP. .

To begin saving with Staff Services simply do one of the following –

1.Print off this form – Staff Services Savings Form – fill in the necessary details and return to us

2.Phone the Staff Services office to arrange to have a form sent out.

3.Call into our office at D floor, the Belfast City Hospital.

4.Contact us using the contact form here.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you save