What is a Homeowner Loan?

A Homeowner Loan (also known as a Secured Loan) is a loan that is secured against your home and sits with your mortgage. This means that you need to own a property and hold a mortgage against this to be eligible.

How Does It Work?

A perfect alternative to re-mortgaging.
Tied into your mortgage on a fixed rate? Have heavy penalties to take funds out of your property and renew early?                                                                                 

With a secured loan, you could take further funds out of your property without the need to affect your mortgage and merge the two together once your fixed rate comes to an end without penalties if you wish.


What Can It Be Used For?

Home Improvements DIY

New extension kitchen, new bathroom, decorating, garden landscaped Etc.

A Homeowner Loan might be the answer!

Most people will wait until mortgage renewal because they may have repayment charges. Why not obtain the funds via a secured loan? Usually a much quicker way to and upgrade your home earlier. Even increase the value of your property


Credit Improved?

Due to lockdown has your credit increased?  This allows improvements to your home or even assist in  the cost of living?

Why not merge your credit together, whatever the amount, and put this into one, much lower monthly payment?

Nb. the average interest rate on a credit card is approximately 19.9%, some even going up to 39.9%!

Take the wise option with Homeowner Loan & save you money!

Investment Purposes

Starting or have a Buy to Let portfolio?

Raise funds for the purchase of new properties that can be secured against your residential or even Buy to Let property.


Why a Homeowner loan as opposed to a mortgage?

Avoid any early repayment charges on your mortgage as you would be keeping this in place.
Keep your mortgage separate from the loan, so & have a shorter term than your mortgage on your new loan.

Take advantage of keeping your mortgage on a lower rate

Potentially receive the advance sooner than you would a re-mortgage


Ready to get started?

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Nb Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on any mortgage.