You will appreciate the small membership fee required allows us to offer a vast range of savings, but the administration of the scheme is primarily in initially providing the setup, card etc, as well as ongoing service throughout the year. Virtually all 1500+ discounts are now available.

Membership is for a minimum of 12 months upon first joining.

Staff Services facility works with the cooperation and agreement of Salary & wages Department. Membership is on an annual basis, e.g. January to Dec. subscription to be deducted from NHS salary or paid in full upon joining with deductions in intervals.  This is required primarily to allow for workflow pressures and enable Salary & Wages Dept to process cancellations in time before the start of subsequent year.   This allows us to keep the fee as low as £1.25 weekly.   Cancellation requests are requests should be made at start of Dec. The membership packs start distribution in December.  Our members are asked to request cancellation for upcoming years at this time to prevent a new membership pack being printed and delivered.

Your 2021 pack & card has been delivered to your registered work address. If you have moved location please check your original work address.

We understand this is a particular difficult time for everyone and also bearing in mind we are aware of extra workload none least on Salary & Wages.


If you still wish to cancel:- we are under an agreement with Salary & Wages to allow cancellation be made with last payment for end of year salary in December.

This date has passed for 2021 but contact us in November to allow you to opt out before your new membership pack is printed.

Please do not contact S & W directly as request will be referred back to you to contact Staff Services to process.

Due to the present Covid 19 pandemic delays can be expected in regard to changes to deductions.